Hated In The Nation

I’m not here to condemn Logan Paul. I’ve watched more of his vlogs than I care to admit and I did watch the “Suicide video” not long after it was posted. I didn’t think too much of it and figured people would be pissed that he laughed and made jokes. I wasn't expecting an avalanche... Continue Reading →


My Gym Journey

October 2015 “I had a six pack” “Nah no way you’re bullshitting me” “Yeah I did and then I ate a few too many burgers and it went away. You should go” This is the conversation I had with my brother 2 years ago now. He was living in Chicago at the time and was... Continue Reading →

I Failed

In January I boldly claimed that I would have a post every Saturday night at 8pm GMT for the rest of the year. For weeks I actually posted something every Saturday night but it wasn’t always something fresh that I’d written that week. Some weeks I even had the foresight to double up on material... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

  Wednesday September 6th 2017 I woke up this morning knowing that by the end of the day I’d officially receive my Bachelors Degree in Economics & Sociology. It’s strange because well this day was 2 years too late in some ways and in many others it was right on time. I took 5 years... Continue Reading →


August 17th 2017 It’s my birthday. If you sent me a birthday message thanks, if not oh well. You see this isn’t the attitude I always had towards my birthday. Anyone who knows me, knows that I never or rarely forget a birthday especially not my own .  When I was younger if I googled... Continue Reading →

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